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Please read the rules carefully. Otherwise your traffic WILL NOT be recorded correctly.

1) Submit only sites relating directly to nature photography.

2) Before submitting your site, please link to: using one of the linking codes provided below. The more traffic you send, the higher your site will be listed. Those sending no traffic in 30 days may not be listed.

HTML code for Text Link:

Nature Photography Top 100

HTML code for Banner Link: (DO NOT resize banner)

Nature Photography Top 100

3) To sign up, you must follow the link below that says "Sign up now!" Where it is says "Count Traffic From" include only the domain name from which you will be linking to us. For example if you are linking to us from:, enter only (always include the www or other prefix). Where it says "Send Traffic To:" enter the exact URL where you want us to send traffic to you. Finally, the maximum height of the thumbnail image is 60 pixels and the maximum width is 468 pixels.

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