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Collier's Guide to Night Photography
Collier's Guide to Night Photography
by Grant Collier
New Release!

Paperback (Signed Copy): $29.95
eBook (PDF format): $18.95
Book Length: 160 pages, 75,000 words
Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
Post-Processing Night Photos
Collier's Guide to Post-Processing Night Photos
by Grant Collier
New Release!

Price: $119.85
Length: 7+ hours, 52 video tutorials

Featured Photographers
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Colorado, Utah Nature and Lanscape Photography

Collier, Grant - Variety of photos from Colorado, Utah, and beyond.

Colorado Night Photography

Berenson, Mike - Images from Colorado, including some great night photos.

black and white photos, infrared photography, Poland

Urbanski, Robert - B&W and infrared photos, mostly from Poland.

large format black & white photography, waterfall

Maraini, Silvio
- Large format black and white landscape.

Australia, New Zealand, Europe photography

Turner, Jeremy - Landscape photography from Australia, Zealand and Europe.

black and white, colorado photographs, American West

Radeka, Lynn - B&W / color photos of the American West, plus posters and masking kits.

Yosemite photography, Half Dome, wildflowers, California

Evans, Bob - Images of the Yosemite Valley, wildflowers, etc.

wildfire, smoke, lake, sun

Malvin, Larry - Traditional & digital images, mostly from the U.S.

white tigers, predators

Douglas, John - Landscapes, wildlife, flowers, and digital compounds..

Brazil nature photography, sand, beach

Caldas, Jose' - Variety of photos, mostly from Brazil.

Australian landscape photography, oceans, beaches

van Hoesel, Richard
- Coastal and landscape photography from Australia.

fox photography, animals

Vazquez, Antonio - Variety of photos from this Spanish photographer.

snowy owls, diurnal, arctic circle

Cook, Carl - Photos of birds, wolves, "other critters", and skulls.

Yellowstone National Park, Adirondacks nature photography

Grabowski, Bob - Photos from the Adirondacks, Yellowstone, etc.

Chicago, Illinois landscape and wildlife images

MacDonald, Mike - Nature & wildlife images, mostly from Chicago, Illinois.

Black & white nature photography

Olson, Jerry - Black & white images from the western U.S.

United Kingdom mountains, England

Scott, Ken - Light and landscape from the UK mountains and southwest USA.

adventure photography, death valley, telescope peak reflection

Roberts, Sam - Nature and adventure photos, mostly from California.

flamingos, birds in flight

Marchetti, Milko - Nature and wildlife images from Italy and Europe.

underwater photos, ocean photography

Miller, Walt & Mimi - Underwater photography, plus flowers, etc.

Grand Tetons reflection, national park

Cook, Andy - Photos of Colorado & the West.

B&W landscape photography, slot canyon

Harrington, Roy - Black & white photos from the western U.S.

Nature and wildlife photography from England

Dore', Geoff - Nature & wildlife images, mostly from England.

astrophotography, observatory, italian photographer
Falzone, Gian Luca - Nature & astronomy photos from Australia, Utah, Arizona, Italy, etc.

mountains, deserts, forests, North America

Maslyar, Brian - Photos of the mountains, deserts, and forests of North America.

Guy Tal photographs, Zebra Canyon, Utah

Guy Tal - Fine art large and medium format images from America's wild places.

Yellowstone Grizzly Bears, wildlife photos

Jess Lee
- Nature, wildlife, and landscape photography.

Photography from sweden, ocean, tide, rocks

Westerberg, Ulf
- Nature and travel photography.

ship, boat, harbor, California

Randle, Scott - Surf & city photos along the west coast of California.

butterfly photos, macro, close up

Spano, Salvatore
- Wildlife photography, wilderness, landscapes, and close-ups in nature.

colorful rocks, fine art Finland photography

Hakala, Jari - Fine art and nature photography from Finland.

U.S., Canada national parks

Bulson, Ray - Landscapes, panoramas, wildflowers, and wildlife of Alaska.

purple flowers, gardens, close ups

Dove, L.C. - Photos of animals, flowers, gardens, and landscapes.

Great Grey Owl, flying, wildlife

Wilion, Harold - Large collection of nature & wildlife images.

butterfly, flowers, macrophotography

Freeman, Carol
- Marco-photography from a naturalist photographer.

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